Hungarian Visas & Residency Permits

If you’re planning to visit Hungary, you’ll need the right visa. This page will help you understand the different types of visas available. Each visa type has its own requirements and application process.

Remember, the visa you need depends on your purpose of visit. Whether you’re coming for work, study, or tourism, we’ve got you covered.

Take your time to explore each option. If you have any questions, our team is here to help. We’re dedicated to making your visa application process smooth and hassle-free.

Hungary Visa Types

Visa TypeWho’s it for?
Family ReunificationFor third-country national family members of individuals holding various Hungarian residence permits or Hungarian nationals.
Intra-corporate TransferFor third-country nationals transferred from a parent company in a third country to a subsidiary in the EU, holding a chief-executive, expert position, or as a trainee with tertiary education.
White Card (Digital Nomad Visa)For third-country nationals with a verified employment relationship or business ownership outside Hungary, performing their work remotely from Hungary using digital technology, without working for or owning a company in Hungary.
EU Blue CardFor highly qualified third-country nationals with tertiary education or significant professional experience, aiming to work in a position requiring high qualifications within the EU.
StudyFor third-country nationals admitted to or accepted by an educational institution in Hungary to pursue full-time studies or preparatory courses in public education or tertiary education.
Guest Self-EmploymentFor third-country nationals performing independent work for remuneration or acting as an owner or managing director of a business organization, intending to perform actual work within this scope in Hungary.
EmploymentFor third-country nationals working in Hungary under an employment contract or fulfilling an agreement with a Hungarian employer based on an existing employment relationship with a foreign employer.
Hungarian CardFor third-country nationals with higher professional qualifications or performing specific professional roles, such as athletes, performers, or film production workers, and working under an employment contract or as a managing director in Hungary.
Seasonal EmploymentFor third-country nationals seeking to undertake seasonal employment in Hungary.
TraineeshipFor third-country nationals intending to undertake a traineeship in Hungary, having a recent tertiary education qualification or pursuing relevant studies, and possessing the necessary language skills.
Official PurposesFor third-country nationals residing in Hungary for diplomatic, governmental, journalistic, educational, scientific, or cultural official purposes under international agreements or cooperation.
Seeking a Job or Starting a BusinessFor third-country nationals who have completed research or studies in Hungary and are seeking employment or planning to start a business related to their field of study or research.
ResearchFor third-country nationals conducting a research project in Hungary under an agreement with an accredited research organization.
Permit Issued by Member of StateFor third-country nationals holding an EU residence permit, seeking long-term mobility for research in Hungary, or for their family members.
Medical TreatmentFor third-country nationals receiving medical treatment in Hungary, or accompanying a minor child or family member in need of medical support.
Working Holiday SchemeFor third-country nationals from countries with bilateral agreements with Hungary, allowing temporary residence for working holidays within set limits.
Voluntary ServiceFor third-country nationals participating in voluntary service programs, including the European Voluntary Service, seeking to reside in Hungary.
Guest InvestorsFor third-country nationals whose entry and stay in Hungary is considered to be in the national economic interest due to their investments in the country.
Employment for the Purpose of InvestmentFor third-country nationals whose employment is part of an investment project in Hungary.
Guest WorkersFor third-country nationals working for an employer registered as a preferential employer or a qualified temporary work agency in Hungary, and undertaking work permitted by relevant employment regulations.
National CardFor Serbian or Ukrainian nationals working in Hungary under an employment relationship, including employment through a temporary work agency.
TrainingFor third-country nationals participating in a scholarship-based training course in Hungary provided by the Government or the Ministry.
Posted Work For third-country nationals holding a valid residence permit for employment from an EU Member State, posted to Hungary to work under the direction of their posting business for a limited period.
Reasons of National InterestFor third-country nationals whose residence in Hungary is deemed to be in the national interest by the Minister responsible for aliens policing and asylum, considering economic, national policy, cultural, and sports interests, or for those working under an employment contract.